Before the Snow: Cape May in the Winter

This post is bit delayed but as I was going through my photos from my recent trip to Key West, I noticed I never posted a bunch of photos from around the Holidays. I was down in Cape May for two weeks after Christmas and was lucky enough to experience some clear coastal winter weather. No snow, just crisp cool temps and clear skies that were perfect for exploring the coast and heading into the pubs for a beer or two (or three) to warm up. I think I even snuck in a run along the beach on a particularly windless day.

People who are unfamiliar with year-round Cape May often ask me “What do you do there in the winter?” or “Isn’t it DEAD?”

Well, yes it’s quiet but many businesses are still open at least a few days a week and the picturesque landscape never leaves. Honestly, escaping to Cape May in off-season is way more relaxing than escaping there in the summer. Less people equals more space to soak in the serene nature.

If you want to see some spectacular images of Cape May from the recent snowstorms, head over to or

Trail off of Sunset Blvd. in Cape May, NJ

Ocean peek at Cape May Point State Park Beach Entry at Cape May Point State Parkwintersea




Cheers at the Cape May Brewery.



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