Philly Half Marathon Outfit

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 6.36.29 PM

Where is this half-marathon talk coming from? Oh, yeah… I’m running a half marathon next week.

Sometime in early September I discovered that I was easily running 5 miles. Pounding the hot, dirty Philly streets in 90 degree weather and the Cape May nature trails on the weekends, loving every minute of the sunshine, warm-weather filled treks. During one of my usual runs I had this burst of motivation and decided to push myself to commit to training for a half-marathon.

The motivation came from the fact that I was running 4 or 5 miles with ease! You see, last spring I picked up running again because I realized I was starting to lose my endurance. As someone who was pretty active, even through college when many people give up sports or working out, I was used to being able to just go for a 2 mile run, no problem, without preparing for it. However, last April I found myself struggling to get through a mile. A mile! That freaked me out. So in August or early September when I ran my first 5 miles, chatting with a friend throughout the run and then going home barely sore, I realized I should really keep pushing myself.

Now I’m a week away from my first half with one more long run left. Eleven miles. It will be my first double digit run and that’s a little intimidating but I’ve already run 9 miles, twice. Once you get past 6 or so it is really about ‘knowing you can.’ Mind over matter. At this point I know I can run a half and I will.

And the best part- picking out my race day outfit! Stopped into Athleta today and was floored with their selection of edgy but practical running gear. I would have loved to buy my whole race day outfit but I stopped myself before my bank account whimpered. I did get those ‘reverse mullet’ leggings, as my friend calls them (party in the front, biz in the back). A flashy pair of tights are a race day essential. #funtights

I am on the fence about how many layers I should wear. It’s going to be chilly but hopefully not bitter cold. Any tips?


Hurdle Wrap Neck Pullover

Fast Track Space Dye Tank 

Homestretch Run Tight

Colorblock Racerback Sports Bra

Asics GEL- Fit Nova Women’s Training Shoe 

Nike Run Cold-Weather Reversible Headband

Nike Element Thermal Gloves




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