Philadelphia and Cape May

I’m baaaaaacccccccccck!

Where have I’ve been? Well. Well. Wellllllll….I am no longer a Boston resident, and I don’t work in technology for my day-time gig. I now live in Philadelphia, work in fashion/retail marketing and get to spend pretty much any weekend I want in the coastal town of Cape May. Life is good. Life is great!

I got all wrapped up in moving, adjusting to my new home, being closer to family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and just taking in all the awesome positive changes that I didn’t make time to blog. It’s been about 3 months, things are starting to get back in a routine and my mind is craving a creative writing outlet again.

So, I’m back! I want to continue to blog about all the things I love- coastal living and style, travel, food and life. I’m feeling more inspired in this city of brotherly love and with my almost weekly trips to some salt water– I’m excited to share this inspiration with you all! (Ut OH, already acquiring Philly lingo….you all)


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