Slowing down in the Keys

Although I had intended to do a complete two-week tech detox, yes that is an actual thing nowadays, I cheated and only used my phone which probably does just as much as my laptop. Anyway I did try to curb technology use and slow down my pace to the Keys. People walk slower, are hardly on time and if it doesn’t happen today, oh well. Coming from a northeast city it can be a bit of a culture shock.

By eliminating checking my cell phone every few minutes or being logged onto my laptop I was able to free up my mind, create some space for new ideas and absorb what was going on around me– beautiful sunsets, vibrant flowers and pesky animals (geckos, iguanas, roosters and cats, oh my!).

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

Christmas day at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

monarch butterfly in key west

Not sure what type of butterfly this is…any ideas?

sunset on the first day of 2013

First sunset on 2013 on a boat right off Key West, not a bad way to start the year!

sunset with sailboat in key west

underwater mural


pool cat

frangipani in key west

For my ‘local’ expertise on Key West check out my post on must-go and see spots on the island.



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