Five Friday (mostly) Holiday Faves

I hope I sparked some gift ideas with my guides this week! I have another style holiday guide planned for next week and then I want to focus on the real reason of the holidays—love and togetherness.

Here are five favorites from around the Web this past week:

1. Pretty Pieces instagram photos of her trip to SoCal. Love the orange sky in these gorgeous sunset shots. I don’t want to spoil them, check them out here–>

roxy gingerbread house 1

Roxy gingerbread house 22. Roxy Blog’s Gingerbread House How-to- My co-worker and I were just talking about having a gingerbread house contest. I love the ice cream cones with pink sparkle!

lilly pultizer holiday party setting

lilly pulizter holiday settings 23. Lilly Pulitzer’s holiday settings- I love color, Key West and fun prints so yep, I’m a total LP fan. Their party settings are so lively and fun! Looks like a Key West Christmas setting to me 😉

herb wreath4. Made By Girl’s DIY Herb Wreath- Love this gift idea so much I may just make it for someone. Not only does this look simple and elegant but it will smell amazing!

12-Days-Selects_Candy-Cane-Cooler-closeup_s4x3_lg5. Bostonista’s Candy Cane Cooler Recipe- Looks like a delicious recipe to whip up for a holiday party.

Enjoy your weekend,and let’s keep our thoughts and hearts with those who are suffering in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. So, so sad.


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