Tuesday Groovesday: Vinyasa and Bikram

There are so many different kinds of yoga that I find it hard to believe someone when they tell me they don’t think yoga is for them. Most people do not know that there are more than one kind of yoga..let alone more than 5! I wasn’t even sure of what else was out there besides Bikram, Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga (but I wasn’t even sure what all of those involved). I did a little research and discovered that while all yoga practices share similar core theories they differ in pace, flexibility and strengthening moves. Over the next few weeks I’ll post information and photos about some of the most common types. Maybe you will see one that is for you!


This is the most popular practice of yoga in the United States. Classes start in a sun salutation and then flow through a sequence that keeps you moving and breathing. I like this type of yoga because it’s vigorous, warming and helps release toxins. It is good to take a beginners class or introduction to yoga before you do Vinyasa because you want to be able to quickly change moves without stopping. Good for those who enjoy flowing movements and want to increase breathing endurance.

Vinyasa description

From YogaPancake.com

yoga arm balance on a rock

VIa Yoganacho.tumblr.com

downward dog on a beach

salute the sun


Or Hot Yoga. It’s sweaty & steamy. This form of yoga is practiced in a heated and humid room (usually at least 105 degrees). The studio I go to is heated but I don’t think it’s that hot. I have never asked what the temperature was because then that number is all I will think about when I’m dripping, twisted up in a pose like a pretzel. Anyway, I’ve had friends who’ve gone to Bikram studios and they love it despite the intense heat. You need to be properly hydrated before you go to class, practice on an empty stomach, bring a towel and be ready to bare your body. The less clothing the better with this type of yoga because…it’s HOT! The heat loosens your muscles so you can stretch more than you ever imagined was possible. This practice kind of has a cult-like following. I Dig Bikram Yoga is a good resource for getting into Hot Yoga. Good for those who want to sweat every little toxin out of their body, lose weight or enjoy torture, just kidding, but really…

You're one of the few people I would consider hugging directly after my Bikram yoga class.

hot yoga bod

hot yoga annapolis


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Groovesday: Vinyasa and Bikram

  1. Oooh, Bikram. I can’t say I like it exactly, but I used to work at a Bikram studio so I did quite a lot of it. It really does increase your flexibility a lot, and a lot of our clients lost a ton of weight doing it.

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