3 Beauty Products for a Beachy Look

Once in a while I enjoy sporting a red lip or some liquid eyeliner for a captivating cat-eye but mostly my beauty-look is ‘au natural.’ I love the look of messy, wavy hair, sun-kissed skin and the scent of a tropical locale.

brunette beach beauty with a fishtail braid

beach girl makeup

beachy beauty products

Sand does wonders for exfoliating dead skin and saltwater is a great natural cure for skin aliments. But this Lush Ocean Salt scrub is the best it gets when you can’t roll around on the beach and then dive into the water. Rub this grainy concoction of salt, lime and coconut oils allllllll over your body for fresh, tropical smelling skin. I even use it on my face.

I have already blogged about perfecting “beachy hair” but when you are short on time you can also try braiding freshly blow-dried hair, letting it sit for an hour or so and then spraying your hair with this homemade sea hair spritz from Free People’s Blog.

For a ‘sun-kissed’ glow my favorite bronzers are from Too Faced.  With shades named— Sun Bunny, Beach Bunny, Snow Bunny and Chocolate Soleil—there is a color for almost every skin tone or degree of tan (from none to too much). My words of wisdom to fellow beachy gals—Embrace sunscreen and bronzer because you definitely don’t want to look 40 when you are 30 and that dark sun-induced tan will come back to haunt you in your 50s.

What are some of your go-to beauty products for a natural ocean-tousled, frolicking-on-the-beach-all-day look (when you have really been at your desk at work or out running errands)?

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