Super Food: Avocado

Post-turkey I’ve been craving anything green and fresh. So, no spectacular self-made recipes this week just lots of salads with drumroll…..


I love this fruit. Excuse me, SUPER fruit. With potassium, fiber, folate, and vitamin K, as well as good-for-you-fats that help lower cholesterol—if you aren’t eating avocados you really should rethink your diet.

What’s in an Avocado?


There are so many ways to eat an avocado—adding slices to salads, chopping up a quarter and sprinkling it in soup, mashing it up to create a guac-spread for sandwiches, or just making a meal out of the fruit itself.

Here are some recipe ideas for making the most out of this creamy fresh food:

Avocado Salad- 3 Ways

From A Beautiful Mess

Orange and Avocado Salad

From Eating Well

Avocado Rolls

From Family Fresh Cooking

Baked Avocado

From Mele Cotte

Ultimate Guacamole

From All Recipes

If you want to try something different I also found a recipe for avocado ice cream, which is apparently a norm in Brazil.

PS. Did anyone count how many times I used the word Avocado in this post? haha


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